About Network Grabber

Network Grabber was founded by a team of Recruiters, Researchers and Software Engineers that wanted to reduce their time spent doing data entry from their business and social networks.

We haven't quit our day jobs, so our goal is to create something that we can use ourselves. We are so in love with what we have created, we thought that others might like it as well.

Network Grabber Challenge

If you have a feature that you would like to have, please send an e-mail to support and give us ideas on how we can improve the application for you and everyone that uses Network Grabber.

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Yearly fee includes all updates and added features at no extra charge.

* Disclaimer: Companies such as LinkedIn change their formats regularly and so we cannot guarantee 100% "up-time" for Network Grabber. We will however do our best to modify Network Grabber when format changes cause problems.

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