Network Grabber Site User Agreement

Network Grabber Software, Inc. collects no information from visitors to our site.

For visitors that purchase software from us, we require a valid e-mail address. Since we use PayPal to handle our sales transactions, we do not keep, store or have anything to do with credit card information of our clients.

Network Grabber Legal Information

Network Grabber is designed to collect information from pages you visit. Be sure you read and understand the User Agreements of sites where you use Network Grabber.

Network Grabber does not have any business partnerships with any Business Networking Sites and using Network Grabber on some sites may be in violation of their user agreements. Network Grabber does not have any unique signature that would identify it to sites that you visit but, using Network Grabber is so easy, it is very easy to get carried away.

To avoid drawing attention to your account, we recommend that you do not change your surfing habits when using Network Grabber. Only visit a reasonable number of pages per day. Do not visit 5,000 pages in a day or 100 pages in 2 minutes. Keep your surfing habits normal and you won't raise any red flags.

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