Network Grabber

From your Business Network to your Database in just a few clicks. Business and Social Networks are obvious sources for Sales and Recruiting leads. While the networks are great at providing leads, we still need to get their information into our CTS, CRM, ATS, etc in order to track communications with these people. Network Grabber is a powerful tool that will eliminate the time that it takes to data enter, copy paste or whatever is normally done to get the names into your database. Network Grabber will pay for itself in 1 use and give you more time to do what you do best.

Network Grabber makes it easy to:

  • Reduce time copying and pasting contacts from Business and Social networks.
  • Quickly grab information from networks and import that data into any Candidate Tracking System with just a few clicks.
  • Reclaim valuable time to do something other than data entry.
  • Time = money and Network Grabber will save tremendous amounts of both.

Why Network Grabber?

  • Software is constantly updated and new features are regularly added to meet the needs of our users.
  • Cost: Network Grabber is less than ¼ (or less) the cost of competitive products.
  • Network Grabber will pay for itself in the first hour of use.
  • User focused. Our goal is to develop the one size fits all application. If you have a data capture need that isn’t being met by Network Grabber, let us know and we will make every effort to add it.
  • Network Grabber Software is commited to your success with our products. We offer scheduled and on-demand training.

Get Network Grabber today.

$49 for 6 months

Yearly fee includes all updates and added features at no extra charge

* Disclaimer: Companies such as LinkedIn change their formats regularly and so we cannot guarantee 100% "up-time" for Network Grabber. We will however do our best to modify Network Grabber when format changes cause problems.

See if Network Grabber will work for you. Send us an e-mail to get your free trial today.