The Network Grabber team is committed to giving you the best possible experience with our software. Part of this is making sure you know how to use it. We will be offering weekly conference demos/training sessions every Friday at 10am. To join a particular training session, please send us an e-mail with the date you would like to attend.

We also offer on-demand demo's. If you would like to see Network Grabber in action before you buy, please send us an e-mail.

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Network Grabber Best Practices:

  • Network Grabber is addictive, and like most things, best used in moderation.
  • Business and Social networks like you using their sites, but if you have 1000 page views in a day, you will find your account suspended.
  • Only surf what you would normally and remember where you left off, so you can pick it up again the next time.
  • Expand your reach by adding people to your networks.
  • Most Business / Social Networks have policies regarding data on their sites, be sure that you are not in violation of these policies when using Network Grabber.
  • You have spent months, possibly years, building your network. Don't go overboard and jeopardize it.
  • We often say that Network Grabber is for entertainment use only. Adding extra hours to your day can be quite entertaining.
  • Give us feedback. We want to improve our product and your feedback will help us do that.


1. Does Network Grabber work with "Network X"?

Answer: Network Grabber currently works with the most popular networks and we are adding new ones every day. If you find one where our application does not work, please let us know.

2. Network Grabber didn't parse fields correctly.

Answer: Since information entered into Business and Social networks is entered by people that don't always follow standard formatting, Network Grabber might not perfectly parse each record. In general, 80-90% of Business and Social Network users follow a "standard" pattern and will be parsed perfectly. You should check all data before importing it into your database.

3. Will my account get suspended for using Network Grabber?

Answer: No, using Network Grabber will not get you suspended. Using Network Grabber to grab 20,000 names in one day will. General rule, if you cannot stop long enough to scan a page before you move on to the next one, you are going too fast.

Common Issues:

While we have fixed most issues that we have run into, adding users always uncovers more. Please let us know about any issues that you discover by sending an e-mail to our support team!


Using Network Grabber to capture data

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* Disclaimer: Companies such as LinkedIn change their formats regularly and so we cannot guarantee 100% "up-time" for Network Grabber. We will however do our best to modify Network Grabber when format changes cause problems.

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